When Jasmine and her husband had their son several years ago, she had an extra amount of breast milk, which she decided to donate to other nursing mothers.  As she began to search for mothers in need, she discovered that many women were also looking for egg donors.

Curious, Jasmine reached out to an egg donation agency and, after learning about the entire process, signed on and within two days was matched with her first couple.

From there, Jasmine began a series of tests, including an ultrasound to examine the health of her ovaries and a hormonal profile to help determine the medication profile for egg stimulation, which she would be administering by injection.  After about eight days the ovaries are typically ready for an egg retrieval, which is performed under light anesthesia.

Despite any discomfort Jasmine felt that the intended mothers were the ones who were “extraordinary and brave” for considering using egg donors, which is becoming more common, particularly as women have children later in life.

All women experience a decline in fertility starting in their early thirties so that most are infertile with their own eggs by their forties.  This is not only because women have a limited supply of eggs, but the quality of their eggs diminishes just like any other tissue in the body over time.  However, otherwise fertile women in their forties and fifties are able to safely and successfully conceive and carry a pregnancy using a younger woman’s eggs.

For Jasmine, the experience was so rewarding that she has donated her eggs to three different couples.  And while the process is anonymous, one mother made sure Jasmine received a special thank-you card and a pair of earrings, which she now treasures.

Jasmine says her most recent experience with Dr. Kolb at Kolb Fertility, and her nurse, Claudia, was the most enjoyable given the “the warm, personal attention,” and she would advice other women considering egg donation to find the right medical team to help them make the most of their ultimate act of giving.

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