Fertility preservation—specifically, whether or not a woman should freeze her eggs—is becoming a more open topic.  Many celebrities have documented their struggles with fertility, and Halsey has specifically encouraged women to seek treatment for endometriosis as she did last year.

The 23-year-old singer/songwriter has also decided to freeze her eggs after having had a miscarriage as well.

And while it’s true that endometriosis can be a factor in fertility, Dr. Bradford Kolb of Kolb Fertility is careful to point out that endometriosis can range from manageable to catastrophic.

Therefore, it’s important for a woman to work closely with her doctor following a diagnosis.

Egg freezing is certainly an option, and the younger the woman the better the egg quality, but the reality is not everyone can afford to freeze and bank their eggs.  Nor is it a complete guarantee of fertility.

In the meantime, there are other factors that are just as detrimental to ovarian function as endometriosis; for example, smoking and sexually transmitted diseases.

So it’s essential for a woman to take control of her lifestyle for reproductive as well as overall health.

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