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Global Package

Kolb Fertility offers a comprehensive, yet flexible Global Package for all intended parents coming from outside the US.  For example, the package allows for unlimited implantations until pregnancy occurs with existing embryos.  It also includes all medications and PGS testing for up to 12 embryos.

Financial advisors at the HRC clinic are available to answer any questions prior to or during treatment.

Kolb Fertility Australia

In partnership with personal guides in Australia who have successfully underdone IVF with gender selection, Kolb Fertility Australia allows intended parents to start their treatment with their own physician under the guidance of Dr. Kolb and then continue treatment in the US.

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VIP Program

Sometimes it helps to have an additional level of care when undergoing reproductive assistance. The VIP Program offers priority scheduling and appointments with either Dr. Kolb or Catty Chien Ju Wang, NP, as well as personal follow up.

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DREAM by Kolb Fertility

Our exclusive program for patients coming from Asia seeking the ultimate in physician access and other services.